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Who are we?

Let's Be Natural is an Australian independently owned and operated health food, oganics and eco store in Canberra.

We opened our doors in 2014 a to fantastic welcoming crowd of locals frothing at the mouth for something a bit different.  They all  love our store for it's great range, atmosphere, and service and we appreciate all our customers whole heartedly for supporting us whether they be in store or on the web.  We try to create an experience for our customers in store with open welcoming isles, chilled out music, helpful and happy staff and a product range that we think is fantastic but that continues to evolve and develop everyday to meet the needs of our customers.  We want to extend all of these aspects to our web store so that our online customers get to experience something a bit similar.

How did we come to be?

Have you ever been through an event in life that helped you to wake up?  An event, maybe a death in the family or a poor health diagnosis, or maybe something as innocent, fun and exciting as travel or having a child, or being denied it, which showed you a new perspective and reformed your view on the world.  Have you ever had such an epiphany or realisation and decided that you were going to do something about it, that you were going to change the way you live, try to do something good for the world, society or for yourself and your loved ones, and try to get others to change also?  Have you ever made such a resolution, a firm decision, and then just fallen back into your old life, into your old habits and watched the resolutions disappear, the epiphany vanish and the reformed view forgotten and never fully experienced the state of change, your evolved state, that you originally aspired to?

Hi everyone, I am Ben, the co-founder, co-owner and managing director of Let's Be Natural, and I have been in the position I just described a number of times throughout my life.

For me it was a mix of things but travel always seems to set me off.  I often end up in places where extreme and extensive poverty was present or where environmental impacts of our society were just so obvious that it is impossible to ignore.  It made me very much angry in one sense but also appreciate how lucky a significant portion of the Australian population is, including me, and also how we are contributing to the environmental damage through our lifestyles and consumption habits.  It made me want to do something about it, live a lower impact lifestyle, leave the corporate drudgery, find a more meaningful job where you can influence good.  And then back in good ol’ Oz what happens? Back to the old lifestyle, consumed by the often quite pointless worries of everyday Australian life, work, bad health habits etc.  The end result, nothing.

My father also died a few years ago, rest his soul, a man who loved the environment, his family, travel and adventure which gave me many of my staunchly held views, but also loved his job.  He would always say that people should try to find jobs that make them happy, that make them feel like they are making some sort of difference.  So this put me back in that same situation of wondering what I was doing with myself. 

After a number of these events (events, breakdowns, conniptions, call them what you will) throughout a 20 year period and with the wonderful and accomodating support of my wife Sophie, this last one finally stuck and became Let’s Be Natural.

What is being natural to us?

What is being natural?  A natural being does not knowingly destroy its own environment.  A natural being does not manipulate it’s food sources so that they are completely unrecognizable from the original instances.  A natural being supports diversity, society (in some form) and finding balance with its surroundings and environment.  Beings that fail to find balance with their surroundings and environment often grow in numbers to a point where the available resources can no longer support the population and they experience massive decline.  For us it is exacerbated by our own intelligence, our selfish concern for the present over the future and the fact that many of the things that we relied on to get to this point and on which we base our society, are simply not renewable and will soon (in evolutionary terms) run out.  I believe that the human race, all of us as one, is heading very quickly in that direction, in the direction of catastrophe and taking most of the other Earth species with us. 

I believe that to stop it or to minimize the impact we either need to find another planet and a way to get there (not as easy as some might think but would be pretty cool in ways, I said I liked travel after all:) or we need to change our ways and find balance with our environment and consider and tolerate each other more.

From a health perspective, every second person I talk to has some sort of health issue, food intolerance or struggles with kids that do.  These issues are on the increase and I think it is due to many factors, the main ones being the food we eat and the air we breathe.  Let’s face it, these things have changed considerably over the past 30 years, from the introduction and proliferation of GMO foods, heavily processed foods with added preservatives and flavours, the extensive use of chemical pesticides and inorganic fertilisers, the massive increase in sugar consumption and the pollution that we all breathe on a daily basis. All of these I assume are undoubtedly going directly into the food supply and our bodies in some form but are also destroying biodiversity.  Basically we are eating poison on a daily basis and killing things around us with it, just for convenience.

And then there is the pharmaceutical industry and the over prescription by medical practitioners.  I personally have been prescribed pharmaceutical drugs that may cause significant kidney damage, but there were easily accessible lifestyle options that have solved the problem and these weren’t prescribed first.  We seem to think that something “science” based, something created by humans is better and more powerful than something created by nature, even though we are "natural" beings.  It is possible that something created by man is, but it is also perfectly possible that something created by nature is better and has less negative impacts.

Environmentally we all seem to think we are doing the right thing as long as we recycle.  But that doesn’t cut it!  It won’t cut it long term for a sustainable race of any significant population.   Why don’t we re-use glass bottles?  Wash them instead of melting them down and reforming them! Let’s standardize bottles and then re-use them.  Let’s standardize containers so that they can be re-used, shipped, sent and are of some sort of value locally so they don’t need to be returned to the source for re-use.

So what is “Being Natural”?  To me being natural is about our race (humans), cultures, societies, communities and individuals all working together to find balance with the environment, to find a way to live healthy and happy and to allow other species, plants and animals to live healthy and happy.  It’s about finding balance and doing it together.

So how can we achieve this?  Well for a start we can make personal decisions to eat organic produce in order to nurture soil, we can implement a philosophy of re-useable first, re-borne second, recycled third.  We can support our local communities, eat local produce where possible, we can create food farms around us, cut the pesticides that kill off the bees, we can stop the never ending expansion of the race and stop striving for continual economic "growth" in order to support it.  We can stop thinking about ourselves so much, our wealth, trying to all be multi-millionaires over night with the minimal amount of effort anf no consideration for the effects on others, and think more about our communities, the local environment and the way we live.  We should give respect to and value people that live for and look after others, the environment, our societies and who are trying to seek the balance I talk about.  

I guess that to me, that is being natural.

The Let's Be Natural team

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