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Bulk Food

Bulk Food

Bulk wholefoods, organic, unpackaged naked food at the best prices!

Let's Be Natural stocks a wide range of delicious, quality and well priced bulk foods (also referred to as loose food or naked food) at our store in Southlands Mawson in Canberra.

The range includes organic and natural wholefoods, organic and activated nuts and seeds and organic dried fruit. We have some great cereal and granola and delicious organic chocolates and licorice from Green Grove Organics, the Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory.

BYOC - Bring Your Own Containers

In an effort to promote good environmental practice, reduce packaging and reduce waste we allow BYOC (Bring Your Own Container).

Use of plastic bags & BYOC Saturday

Let's Be Natural holds BYOC* Saturday once a month in an effort to encourage reduction in plastic waste and food waste, and to generally encourage good environmental practices and awareness within the community.

In the past we have allowed re-used and re-usable plastic bags, such as plastic zip bags and alike and still given the BYOC Saturday discount price.

Effective immediately, we will not provide any discount if a plastic bag of any type is used in the bulk food area.  We have made this decision for the following reasons:
  • Some customers purchase plastic bags straight from the supermarket, or take new produce bags fromother stores in order to get the discount from LBN.
  • Although some customers re-use plastic bags many times, our observation is that in most cases they are only re-used a few times at most.
  • We would like to discourage their purchase in the first place if an alternative exists.
Additionally over the second half of 2017 you will see packaged products disappear from the LBN shelves and the online store if an alternative item is carried in the bulk section, and we are planning to expand the bulk section significantly over time and provide acces online.  This helps to:
  • Encourage waste reduction
  • Provide a good price to LBN members
  • Improve the bulk food rotation and freshness
  • Provide shelf space to continue to grow our range of healthy and eco-friendly products.
We hope that you all understand and support this direction.  We hope that you all continue to engage in BYOC Saturday in the spirit and intent of BYOC and help us make change to the way society uses and values resources and the environment.

Let's reduce waste, Let's find balance, Let's be natural.


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