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DetoxMe is a personal detoxification program to help you rid your body of toxins that burden your internal organs and that adversely affect your health.  The Program is designed to help you find the health, energy and vitality to live a naturally healthy life.  Using diet and lifestyle changes and with the use of focused nutritional supplements to support the bodies natural detoxification processes, we will help you to rid your body of harmful toxins that impact your life and prevent you from being as healthy as you can be and are preventing you from living life to the full.

Onthis page we will place information for those contemplating the program or detox in general, and for participants of the program.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why use the Metagenics program?

The Metagenics detox program includes effective strategies to reduce toxic burden and improve toxin resistance. It is one of the most effective treatments for a range of health conditions, particularly chronic, recurrent and resistant conditions. The program supports gut, liver , kidney and cell functions and  not only counteracts  the effect of current toxicity, but also restores the protective barriers that defend against daily toxins and protect the body .

There are five Metagenics detox programs. Throughout each chosen program, there are nutritional and herbal formulas along with dietary and lifestyle guidelines to support and enhance the detoxification process. The programs are designed to allow for individual product prescription and duration of treatment.


Why do we need the Metagenics supplements?

The metagenics supplements have been carefully chosen to support your detoxification capacity. They help protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals and support regeneration of liver tissue. The key supplements assist in the normal functioning of  liver detoxification pathways , protecting gut integrity and supporting gastrointestinal health.

Assist in alkalinisation and removal of wastes via the kidneys and elimination functions

Minimizing uncomfortable detox reactions as your body eliminates its toxic burden.


What are the stages of the detox program?

With the exception of the 2 week Express Detox. , the programs consist of two key stages.

Stage one, lasting 2 weeks,  a herbal formula to correct enzyme, acid and bile secretions as well as gut motility is a core component. Restoring digestive competency reduces inflammatory burden from poorly digested foods, as well as correcting the terrain for a healthy microbiome.

There are several options to choose from after the initial detoxification stage, to address individual client needs. For some, it may include a  specialised gut detox , liver detox or a program designed to remove heavy metals.


Why can’t I just do a juice cleanse, water detox or fast?

These option do not provide the required nutrients for successful detoxification. In particular protein for detoxification, and in many cases can cause a loss of muscle mass.

Without adequate protein from your diet the body is unable to effectively detoxify.


I’ve heard that apple cider vinegar or lemon in the morning with water does much the same thing, is this true?

No this is not true. Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice aid digestion but do not support the complete detoxification process.

As above.


I’ve done a detox program before, am I likely to get headaches on this program?

It is highly possible that you will experience headaches as the toxins are released into the blood stream, travel around the body including to the brain, before being excreted through urine and sweat.  Preparation before starting the program like starting to remove toxins by cutting processed food, caffeine and alcohol from your diet in the week or two preceding may help reduce severity and frequency.

Also drinking green juices and plenty of filtered water will assist the body in removing the toxin.


Are there some natural and accepted pain-killers for head ache that I can take?

  • Magnesium supplements
  • Lavender oil applied to temples
  • Water , rest and massage
  • For more severe headaches please contact Sharron who may suggest a stronger supplement.


I have a party to attend in two weeks?  Should I wait to start until after the party?

You need to prepare to commit to the program in order to achieve your best  results. We can equip you with many strategies to help you 'survive’ the party while on the detox program.


What should I do if I “fall off the wagon”?

It’s all about consistency not perfection! If you do have a coffee or drink don’t stress too much it will not undo all the good work you have done so far. Continue with the program and celebrate your successes. If necessary we can extend the program.


Is the program safe for kids?

As a general rule, for children 8 years and up, the adult program can be used at doses appropriate for weight. For smaller children 2- 7 years , specific children’s formulas are available.

Using the program for children , along with dietary modifications can improve their immune system and digestion.


Can my shetland terrior do the program?

 o, the program is not designed for terriors.


Can I pay in stages?

 LBN needs to purchase the supplements, invest the effort up front and limit participation.  An initial deposit of $300 is required and the balance at the ned of your first appointment with the Naturopath.


Do you have any tips for staying motivated and focused?

  • Do the program with your partner or a friend. Get the whole family on board.
  • Detox your pantry and fridge
  • Avoid packaged foods
  • Always shop on a full stomach
  • Set yourself a personal goal/mantra that you would like to achieve.
  • Visit LBN for friendly support and suggestions for success.


Do you have any tips to help make the program easier?

  • Plan.  Plan out your meals.
  • Detox your pantry and fridge
  • Prepare.  Prepare meals in advance if you are time pressured.
  • Surround your self with healthy and detox friendly options.  If the healthy options are easily available you may choose those over any unhealthier option for convenience.
  • Remove stress.  Try to remove stress from your life as much as possible during the program.  Yoga and exercise can be great ways of reducing stress.
  • Stay connected.  Stay connected to other program participants and visit us at LBN as often as needed.


What are the advantages of the long program over the short?

The short program is recommended for individuals who are simply aiming to optimise their current state of good health and do not suffer from digestive or chronic health concerns. It is for those who are essentially well, but have recently over indulged.  It is also ideal as a regular ‘spring clean’ detox after having completed one of the longer programs.

The long programs are targeted and personalised for individual health concerns.


Will I smell as the toxins are released?

No more than usual, but this is a good thing.  The skin, is a major organ of elimination and sweating removes the toxins through the skin.


I have cats, is there something wrong with me?

Yes.  (just kidding, we love cats, well some of us anyway)


What are the dangers of going it alone without the consults and support?

-The Metagenics detoxification programs have been research and designed

To include key ingredients and strategies that will minimize uncomfortable detox reactions as your body eliminates toxins. This includes the provision of regular consultation throughout your program. A qualified practitioner will discuss any concerns with you and offer qualified advice during your program.


I take prescribed medication, will this affect the detox?

Many prescription medications can be affected by the detoxification process. However, it is unusual that you will need to alter the dosage of the medication you are taking; you may just need to separate the doses away from your detox supplements. It is recommended that you stop taking all non-prescription medication while on the detox program. If you are currently under the care of a health practitioner you may wish to advise them of your plans to detox.


My doctor says I have advanced cirrhosis of the liver, will the program fix this?

No, but it will help.


My gallbladder fell out yesterday, I coughed up my kidneys and my liver got sucked into another dimension through a space time warp.  Should I do your program, see a doctor or a see a psychiatrist?  Are you able to find my liver?

You definately need professional help of some description and sorry we looked but couldn’t find your liver.


I have had some discomfort in the area of my liver, do you think this is toxic burden?  What should I do about it?

Come to our Detox me information session and or make an appointment to see a health care practitioner.


If I can’t drink alcohol, can I smoke pot whilst on the program?  Are you able to provide it?

No and no, but if you find some then please let us know.


I’m planning a drinking binge as a “farewell to drinking” just before the program starts.  Should I drink spirits, wine or beer?        

It is likely that this program is not quite right for you.  You need to have some level of dedication to be successful.  If you really must drink beforehand (or during the program), then try to find some organic wine and only have a couple of glasses. 


I have a sports event on just after the program ends, will this program affect my preparation and performance?

It is possible that after the program ends you will be revitalised and have new vigour with which to p[ursue your sport.  During the program you may find yourself moody, irritated and some may bet sick.  It is probably best to wait until after a major sports event, or have finished the program before the sprts event starts.

Should I exercise whilst on the program?  How much?

Yes, the benefits of exercise are endless particularly during detox. It is a great way to assist with detoxification, promoting circulation of blood and lymph throughout the body. This enhances the elimination of waste products and the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your organs and muscles.

Aim for 30 – 40 mins of moderate aerobic exercise 3- 4 times per week. Plus 1-2 sessions of strength training such as yoga, Pilates or weights.


Will the program increase my sex drive and make me a mean lean love making machine?

It is possible that cleansing the body of impurities could increase libido and sexual performance.  Good luck, we are all rooting for you.


What should I do once the program finishes?

To continue on your path to achieving long term health and vitality, avoid excessive toxic exposure and make an appointment to see Naturopath Sharron about a wellness and healthy aging program.


Is it acceptable to just take the burger pattie out of by Big Mac and eat the rest?

- No.  The burger patty is manufactured as part of the burger in a laboratory and cannot be removed without imploding the rest of the burger.


I can’t afford organic produce, what should I do?

Steel it.  No that was a joke, please don’t, well not from us anyway.  Do the best you can, try to get veges on “the dirty dozen” list organic and then save on the others through buying conventional.


How can I avoid breathing air with toxins in it whilst on the program?  Will the air I breath impact the results?

Move to the Tarkine in Tasmania, do the program whilst waiting to fend off the bulldozers.  In the mean time, sign this petition …….

As the toxic burden on your internals organs becomes less they are more able to deal with small amounts of toxins.  Detoxing is about removing as much toxic burden as possible to give your organs a break, remove build up and get them functioning as well as possible.


Am I likely to be a short tempered angry pimple of a person towards family members, police officers and the general public whilst on the program?

Some people do experience mood swings and being a bit short tempered during a detox as the toxins are released into the blood stream for excretion and since you are on a different diet to normal.  Warn family members beforehand and don’t use your detox as an excuse just to be a prick.  If you find your self a bit tense then find some alone time and do some breathing exercises.


I don’t like vegetables, can I still participate?

Yes, but you have to eat your veges or you will be sent to bed without dessert.


Will yoga help the detox?

Yoga can help greatly with a detox.  Many yoga asana (poses or movements) are designed not just to make you look good in a leotard or make people say ”Wow! Your such a guru!” as you bend backwards and smell the remnants on your feet of this mornings sweety run, but to gently massage and squeeze your internal organs assisting them to expel toxins and draw in new fresh (hopefully toxin free) blood.


Can I claim the detox program through my health fund?

Depending on the fund, you may be able to claim the Naturopathic and Nutritionist appointments, ask us and we can provide an invoice for these components. 


What can I eat while on the detox program?

During your initial consultation you will be provided with a comprehensive food list. Individual menu plans can also be provided on request. 

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